The Art of Visual Listening

The Art of Visual Listening 11: Texture, Pattern, Movement, and Time

Texture, pattern, movement, and time are the last of the visual elements, but certainly not the least. As with the other elements we’ve discussed, their importance in any given work of art has everything to do with what the artist wants to say.


Roaming Rudia by Ursula … read more

The Art of Visual Listening 12: The Principles of Design, Part I: Balance and Focal Point

The principles of design are a basic set of rules for organizing works of art.  Artists use these design principles to arrange the visual elements into compositions that have the potential to communicate most effectively.  But, as with many rules, the principles of design are not set in cement. They’re … read more

The Art of Visual Listening 13: The Principles of Design, Part II: Scale, Proportion, Unity, and Variety

The Listening Room by Rene Magritte, 1952, Menil Collection, Houston, Texas

In the previous post, we discussed the design principles of balance and focal point. Now let’s turn our attention to the rest of the principles: scale, proportion, unity, and variety.

SCALE AND PROPORTION – These two principles are usually … read more

The Art of Visual Listening 14: The Whole Ball of Wax

A Leap by Roger Mendes (permission granted by the artist)

This is a favorite painting of mine.  It’s large (41” x 48”), and it hangs in my library. I have always found it both soothing and mysterious.  But, why? What is it about this painting that gives me those feelings?

To find … read more

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