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The Art of Traveling Strangers will delight readers who treasure European art, culture, and travel; readers who value exploration and discovery of oneself and the world; and readers who celebrate unlikely friendships. Zoe Disigny’s debut novel tells a powerful and unique story of loss, love, hurt, and forgiveness with a grand tour of Italian masterpieces thrown in for good measure.” —ROMALYN TILGHMAN, award-winning author of To the Stars through Difficulties

“Can beautiful art heal a broken life? That’s a question posed in The Art of Traveling Strangers. Reeling from life-shattering losses, art historian and teacher Claire accepts a summer job as a paid guide to Viv, a woman wanting to learn and travel through the glorious art in Italy. Both are seeking a life change, but as companions, they’re dreadfully mismatched. The beautiful art and Italian setting are delicious and could be life-altering for the women, but their tensions keep growing. Viv’s heartrending secrets emerge, and Claire finds that leaving her old life behind is more complicated than she had hoped. Ultimately, both find their paths forward in this heartwarming story of summoning the courage to reimagine your life.” —RACHEL DACUS, author of The Time Gatherer, The Renaissance Club, and The Invisibles

“Joining Claire on her travels across Italy and on to Paris was nothing short of a joy—and as an art historian, I greatly appreciated her love and admiration of our world’s visual treasures. I highly recommend taking a trip with Zoe Disigny’s heroine!” —JENNIFER DASAL, author of ArtCurious

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