As an art historian and avid traveler, I write novels and articles for
lovers of art and travelers at heart. (Read more below.)


Born in New York, I lived in five states before my family settled in California when I was a teenager.  I was introduced to international travel the summer after my high school graduation, touring Europe and studying French for a month in Tours, France. During my junior year in college, I again went to France for school and began my love affair with art.

At the end of my junior year, my parents moved to Rome, and I lived with them for three summers while completing my B.A. degree in French and pursuing my M.A. degree in art history.

I worked as a college art history professor for twenty-five years. In the summers, I taught art history courses and led tours in Greece, Italy, and France. And for three of those summers, I established a business in Paris, offering art tours for American travelers.

I live in Southern California with my husband and devote my time to writing while continuing to travel internationally (as soon as we can again).

For more information about me please check out my interview in the August, 2021 edition of the Publishers and Writers of San Diego Newsletter

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